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The interviewees

These biographical notes were written in 1992.

Zahoor Ahmed was born in Jullandhar, Panjab, India, in 1935. He first came to Britain in 1960. He currently works for the Education Department in Birmingham.

Ryland Campbell was born in St Thomas, Jamaica, in 1932, and came to Britain in 1956. After retirement he began to devote his time to his poetry, which he has performed and published widely.

Carlton Duncan was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1941. He came to Britain in 1961. Whilst at university he became a successful dancer, performing in Britain and abroad. He gave up dancing to pursue a career in teaching, and became the first black head teacher in Britain.

Sakiina Haaruun was born in St Catherine, Jamaica, in 1952. She came to Britain in 1966. She currently works for the Department of Social Services as a Training Officer dealing with mental health and substance abuse.

Nurul Hoque was born in Sylhet (then in Pakistan, now in Bangladesh) in 1926. He came to Britain in 1957, and worked as a caster-operator until he retired in 1991. He has for many years worked voluntarily with and for the Bangladeshi community in Birmingham.

Avtar Singh Jouhl was born in Jandiala, Panjab, India, in 1937. He came to Britain in 1958. He has been active in the trade union movement since his arrival here. At present he is the General Secretary of the Indian Workers' Association (UK), and a national executive member of the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education. He lectures at the Trade Union Studies Centre, Hall Green College, in Birmingham.

Saji Kaur was born in Malaysia in 1954, her parents having moved there from India. She came to Britain in 1973. She is a teacher, and head of the history department of a Birmingham comprehensive school.

Esme Lancaster was born in Wilmington, Jamaica, in 1917. She came to Britain in 1950, and worked as a social worker until her retirement. Since the project recorded her memories, Esme has returned to live in Jamaica.

Badrun Nesa Pasha was born in Mymensinga, Bangladesh, in 1939. She came to Britain in 1963, and worked as a social worker for 15 years. She is currently employed as a senior social worker with Birmingham Education Department.

Joan Proctor-Monroe was born in McKenzie, Guyana, in 1934. She came to Britain in 1956, and is currently the Afro-Caribbean Project Coordinator for the Aquarius project.

Frank Scantlebury was born in Barbados in 1931. He came to Britain in 1955, and worked for British Rail until his retirement. He is currently studying theology at Birmingham University.

Ranjit Sondhi was born in Ferozepur, Panjab, India, in 1950, and came to Britain in 1966, to be a pupil at Bedford School. He was a founder member of the Asian Resource Centre in Handsworth, and is now a lecturer at Westhill College in Birmingham.